Foto del profilo di AINDO SRL

Settore: Startup

Sede: Località Padriciano 99

Telefono: 328 0566116


Aindo is an Italian startup that uses state of the art tools and techniques from Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to optimize business operations, combining corporate experience with academic excellence. Central to Aindo’s philosophy is the notion that the realms of business, research and education can go hand-in-hand. The devotion to these three fields is apparent in Aindo’s diverse portfolio, combining research projects, industrial consulting and the development of software products.
The strong company academic background is further solidified by Aindo’s status as a startup of the Ph.D. School of Advanced Studies, SISSA.
Our mission is to guide companies safely into the AI revolution, one that will increase their productivity and competitiveness

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